• Am I eligible to apply?

    You need to have a High School degree in order to apply for Undersgraduate Degree Programs. Eligibility criteria may differ for each country based on your average score on your High School Diploma. Please click HERE to check your eligibility.

  • How can I apply?

    You can apply online by simply filling in the Online Application Form and upload your documents.

    Detailed instructions can be found HERE.

  • What is a Conditional Offer Letter?

    A Conditional Offer Letter states that you are conditionally accepted by the university. After completing your deposit payment, you receive the Official Acceptance Letter.

    Only after you receive your Official Acceptance Letter, your seat is secured.

  • What is a Deposit Payment?

    Deposit Payment or Advanced Payment is the proof of your intention for official registration. The payment amount is indicated in your Conditional Offer Letter and will be deducted from your tuition fee at the time of the registration. Usually it is 2000 USD for Faculty of Dentistry and 1000 USD for the rest of the Faculties.

    Deposit Payment is non refundable unless you submit an official proof for visa rejection.

  • Do you have both Fall and Summer Intake?

    We only accept students for Fall Intake. Application period usually starts in March and ends in September. Please note that you should apply minimum 2 months before the semester dates if you are required to apply for visa.